About Our Brewer

image-1Ken Schmidt Brewing

I made my first batch in 1966. It was just a Pale Ale. However, homebrewing was not legal until 12 years later. Because of that, there weren’t specialty supply stores like we have now. Blue Ribbon Malt Extract with hop flavor was the only ingredient you could get at a grocery store. Overall, the ingredients were horrible, and it turned out to be such a terrible beer. I didn’t try again for several years, and it definitely got better.

My biggest inspiration are my lovely islands (Hawaii) that I visit so much. Aloha Plenty is now a series I created that represents all the things I love about the islands. The beers in the series are Pele’s Breath, Sunset Beach and Black Sand Beaches. Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, and the beer is a hot-spicy German wheat. I am the most proud of Aloha Plenty (2009 Stone Homebrew Competition winner). It’s like the beer is alive. Any residuals left in a glass smell amazing the following day. I’m not even a coffee drinker, but Kona Coffee tasted great when I had it for the first time. That, macadamia nuts and other ingredients in the beer, brought to the senses all the things that remind me of Hawaii. Aloha Plenty did what I wanted and more.

My History

  • 1966 Made my first brew!
  • 1998 Brewed my 15th edition!
  • 2009 Created a Stone Brew!

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